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About Sabina Ostolski-Cohen  D.O, M.S., R.D.

Dr. Sabina Ostolski-Cohen is the founder of Advanced Holistic Group.   Dr. Ostolski is Board Certified in Internal Medicine by ABIM, and she also is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition


Dr Sabina Ostolski

Dr Sabina Ostolski-Cohen is the founder of Advanced Holistic Group.   Dr. Ostolski’s interest in integrative medicine and nutrition started in her college years when she was studying to be a nutritionist. After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology, she was hired as a nutritionist at a well-known hospital in the metropolitan area. Shortly thereafter, she established a nutrition education program for patients with diabetes.  She astutely observed not only how a healthy diet affected her patients but the psychological and emotional elements that surround the ritual of eating. As part of the diabetes education program, Dr. Ostolski created a curriculum that addressed the issues of body image and eating behavior. The success was imminent – many of her patients who suffered from obesity and diabetes were able to lose weight, keep it off, and improve their glucose level or even reverse their diabetes.
With this success in hand, Dr. Ostolski felt it was time to go further and contribute more to the field of healthcare. She decided to enter medical school and opted to get training from the best of both worlds, (M.D. & D.O.).   She attended an osteopathic medical school, as well as the traditional Allopathic training in Internal Medicine.

Mission Statement
The world and everything in it including us is an interconnected system.  When we open our mind and heart, we are able see how our attitude towards our ourselves, our bodies and our environment influence how we heal.  Each is a separate area to be explored to help perceive where the imbalance lies in our life. Once revealed, we can work to reconcile and balance this area with positive action both medically and spiritually. Herein lies the road to recovery – balance of self and our environment.1 About Us Balance
Our facility combines conventional with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). By integrating the best of both modalities (conventional and CAM) gives you a variety of options. These options allow you to choose what is best for you with the guidance of a highly trained clinician. You become an active participant in developing your protocol to health and set the stage to your journey to healthy living.  We offer a wide range of programs that incorporate nutrition, supplements, herbs,  IV vitamin therapy, osteopathic manipulation therapy, biomedical acupuncture, trigger point injection and much more. Let us help you initiate your journey to obtaining a life of health, happiness and well-being.




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