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We recommend that you undergo a detox regime once every month, as this can help to restore balance, boost your vitality and strengthen the immune system. It is also a way of renewing the bodyDETOXIFICATION as it helps to excrete toxins that we ingest through food or breathe in from the environment.
Detoxing is a physiological process that your body is designed to do. The five main detox systems – respiratory, urinary, lymphatic, the gastrointestinal tract and the skin. These organs work symbiotically to neutralize and eliminate potentially harmful substances. These harmful agents can come from the external environment (pesticides, food additives, airborne allergens), as well as the internal environment (free radicals and metabolic waste). For instance, the hydrochloric acid in your stomach helps to kill bacteria, the colon prepares waste for expulsion, the kidneys filter water-soluble waste, and your skin secretes toxins via sweat. In addition, the lymphatic system has the primary role to isolate and fight infections, as well as to absorb excess fluid and debris from our fluids. Some consider the liver to be the master organ, which serves to continuously filter and purify the blood.
Some harmful agents are difficult or cannot be released by fasting, liquid detox regimes, or nutrition. These include the following heavy metals and sources:

Lead: gasoline, paint, batteries
Mercury: amalgam fillings, fish, paint
Arsenic: old residues from crop sprays
Cadmium: cigarettes, tires, plating on metals
Aluminum: Cooking ware, aluminum foil, antacids
We recommend IV high dose vitamin therapy on a monthly basis. IV detoxification therapy is an intravenous therapy (IV) utilizing high dose Vitamin C, NAC, Magnesium, and DETOXIFICATIONB-complex vitamins. These agents may be effective in binding heavy metals and other harmful agents. If these metals accumulate in high doses, they can oxidize and cause acceleration of the aging process, as well as cause some diseases.
Other possible milder effects of the toxic heavy metals include; fatigue, headache, and joint pain.

1. Apples and grapes are high in soluble fiber and help to cleanse the colon. The pectin found in apples help to detoxify the gut, while the phytonutrients in grapes supports the immune system. These fruits can be contaminated with pesticides, so buy organic if possible or wash thoroughly.

2. Artichokes are a source of antioxidants and high in fiber, which can help the liver detoxify more efficiently.

3. Cranberries may kill bacteria in the urinary tract and may cleanse the lymphatic system. Unsweetened cranberry juice is more effective or Crancaps[Ma1], tablets that contain the active ingredient at a dose of 400mg twice a day.

4. Leafy green vegetables such as chard, kale, spinach, dandelions, collard greens, and chickweed are not only among the most nutrient-rich foods, but they may help to purify the gastrointestinal tract. To gain the most benefits, buy organic or collect fresh greens that are harvested during the spring from untreated soil.DETOXIFICATION

5. Lemons contain antioxidants; its acidic properties make it a natural cleansing substance. Its high Vitamin C content bolsters the immune system.